Monday, March 21, 2011

Still losing...

Today is day 17, or my 15th day of dieting.  I had a stall the last two days, stuck at a 16 pound loss, which was discouraging...

But I stuck it out, and today I am down another pound, so I have officially lost 17 in 15 days.  I was hoping to lose 25 by my 20th day, so I could be at my half-way to goal point at my half-way done with the diet point... but I think after two stalls in the first two weeks, that is not going to happen for me.  I am pretty sure I'll get to 20 pounds by the half-way point, though... that's only 3 more pounds in 5 days which is totally do-able.  Maybe even more.

I am also excited that one of my best friends is starting her diet today, too!  It's going to be great to have someone else doing it that I can call for support and encouragement!  We have a few friends who've been through this journey already, but it's great to have someone who is *actually* doing it at the same time to talk to!

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